Kaito 1

The male protagonist is a student in his first year of high school. He is an avid videographer and constantly out recording on an 8mm handheld camera that he inherited from his late grandfather. Others sometimes refer to him as "The Director". He is seemingly aware of Kanna's feelings for him, nonetheless he develops a genuine love for Ichika. He also has frequent daydreams of conversing with Ichika and talking out loud sometimes during them. When Ichika revealed her true identity to him, it didn't bother him since he had a thought that she might be from outer space. Kaito and Ichika later confessed to each other and began to date. Before Ichika left to go back to her planet, he promised to love her forever. It is shown that before Kaito and his friends graduated from high school, they completed the film, adding a scene that reveals that Ichika was able to return to Earth again.