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An outgoing girl who is quick to speak her mind. She is a close friend of Kaito, whom she has a crush on. Kaito's sister is aware of this and encourages a relationship between the two. Kanna has been friends with Tetsurō since childhood. She loses her usual demeanor when she gets drunk, and it has some hilarious consequences, like, for example, on the group's trip to Okinawa, interrupting Kaito and Ichika when they were about to share a kiss. A running gag on her is that on special occasions she decides to wear cute clothes to impress Kaito (swimsuit, yukata, etc.) only for Ichika to wear the same kind of clothing and look better than her. Kanna helped Ichika to confess her love to Kaito, at the cost of her own feelings. However, she got over it and confessed her love to Kaito despite the knowledge that he loves Ichika and accepted his rejection with a smile.