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A third-year high school student with a petite appearance and a distinctive voice. She is generally cold towards people, but befriends Ichika when they first meet. She is good at picking locks and can be quite mischievous, such as when she makes the rest of the group drink an alcoholic drink, then records their drunken reactions. She seems devious, as though everything she does has an ulterior motive. Since she claims to have written a script for Lucas in Hollywood, she ends up being the writer for the group's film. She is hinted to be older than she pretends to be, as Manami, whom she calls "senpai", asks her why she is still in high school. When she and others learned that Ichika was an alien, she wasn't surprised at all. The final episode reveals that she is an agent of the Men in Black and infiltrated into Kaito's school so as to observe Ichika.